With Original Holidays, every holiday is unique and lends to your own signature. If you like any of our itineraries, please contact us so that we can develop a personalized quote that reflects your holiday style!  We can mix and match choose fun and frugal with a splurge of fabulously deluxe. It’s all about YOU and the way you like to travel.  Where do you need just a “bed” to sleep versus where do you want to sit out on the balcony and soak in the setting sun?  We can manage it all and designing your holiday is what we consider super fun!


Contact us today by email:  reservations@originalholidays.ca


When you contact us, let us know when you plan to travel.  Seasonal specials can be had in the off season while booking early for peak season can land you some of the best choices in accommodation. Tell us how many days you have and what standard of accommodation you enjoy. Do you have any interests that we can incorporate? Are there some “must sees” that you want included? As much information as possible is helpful.  Let us know your approximate budget—ask us questions if you aren’t sure what kind of a budget you need.  A holiday is an investment in happy!  We are committed to YOU!

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